Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Think therefore I am NOT A PROGRAM

When does a person become "human"?

I am asking this because on the Internet there are "verification" programs that apparently decipher whether or not the user is a human being versus an evil-doing cyber bot.  Although these protective measures are put in place to keep online accounts in an imaginary safe zone, it makes me laugh when the program wants to verify that its user is in fact "human".  Just tell me, "This program is design to keep your personal information secure."  Not this are you human, circle "yes" or "no" bull spit!

It's like a slap in the face.

Who the hell are you to verify that I am human, program?

You're not human!

What if I do not classify myself as a human being but rather a fallen soldier of fortune from a distant planet?  I can interpret various languages, including your hyper-complex digital configurations... but I would never rub it in your face and force you to verify that you're a program!  I have class.


Doctor Reed Goode

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